Alexandre bissonnette

Hello, I am Alexandre Bissonnette, 23 years old, I have the diagnosis of asparagus, although I look more like a high level autistic with my language delay (when I was little, I did not speak), I am sensitive to noise and pain, I have dreams, plans, I dream of visiting Tokyo, and having a beautiful westfalia from the 60s to travel, or at least a beautiful little New Beetle, my passions are electronics, cycling, manga, video games, computers, retro things from the 50s, I'm a big fan of Japanese music that I find excellent and that I love (jrock and jpop styles), my favorite bands being Orange Range, Plastic Tree, Akeboshi and Rie FU, my plans, get my licenses (very important for me to be able to drive), go on bike trips, go back to school and learn a trade, I'm a great fast food lover (mcdo, A&W, PFK, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, La Poutinerie a Limoilou).


My works? Well, I'm inspired by things I like and a certain absurd humor that I like, some of my montages talk about the ketchup vs mustard war, it's a story that was born in a project of 'school when I was younger, of course, you couldn't have a gun (well the characters could have them but not use them), so I replaced the guns with ketchup and mustard, it gave a more absurd aspect, in addition to being in the rules, like my famous nuclear ketchup bottle which once launched, can cover a city like New York with ketchup, I don't really do images where there are people who die or suffer a lot, I am more the humor type to make a little quirky montages, just like the son of Lucila, I prefer to do it on the computer, I also had a commercial poster made in China in order to display certain 8-bit works that I drew pixel by pixel (we see that some of the works are photos of this panel, as you will see, I like Nyan Cat.


The first is a drawing I made at the Quebec Expo (found on the best buy facebook), followed by my montages, and photos of my panel on which are works that I made (the lamp on the panel is also a handmade work of mine.