Confidentiality Policy

Client names and information regarding clients registered with the CCIFA are confidential. A confidentiality policy, based on that of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, is in effect, both for clients on the waiting list and those who receive or have received services from the CCIFA clinic. All team members, professionals, administrative officer, interns and must comply with this policy. The main elements of this policy are:

  • Each team member has a duty of professional secrecy. It does not disclose any information about a client other than what has been formally authorized in writing, or verbally if there is an emergency, or if the law so orders. 
  • The professional obtains prior written authorization from the client to make an audio or video recording of an interview or activity. This authorization shall specify the subsequent use of this registration and the procedures for revoking this authorization.
  • They do not disclose, without authorization, the identity of a client when consulting or being supervised by another professional.
  • When the professional practises his profession with a couple or family, he safeguards the right to professional secrecy of each member of the couple or family.
  • When the professional practices his profession with a group, he informs the members of the group of the possibility that some aspect of the private life of one or other of them or a third party may be revealed. It commits the members of the group to respect the confidentiality of the privacy information of either of them or a third party.
  • The professional may communicate information protected by professional secrecy, to prevent an act of violence, including suicide, where they have reasonable grounds to believe that an imminent danger of death or serious injury threatens an identifiable person or group of persons.
  • Team members who offer services through telehealth must take reasonable steps to ensure their competence, both in terms of the technologies they use and the potential impact of these on their customers. They ensure compliance with professional and ethical standards. 


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